Apollonia Earrings Silver O/S

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E171 Silver O/S
  • Sterling silver plated ancient Greek Apollonia Pontika "Medusa" coin
  • Swarovski black diamond detail
  • 1/2" coin height
  • Leverbacks

Apollonia Pontika was founded in 610 BC by Ionian Greeks from Miletus and named after Apollo. Among the most interesting, and controversial, Medusa coins are Apollonia Pontika drachms, minted c. 450-350 BC in the Greek colony of Apollonia Pontika, which was situated in Thrace along the Black Sea. Apollonia Pontika drachms feature among the most visually striking images on coinage of Medusa, with fierce gaze and tongue sticking out. These coins are also among the most reasonably priced Medusa coins. They may not be quite as shocking as Neapolis staters or Athenian wappenmünzen, but they don't cost as much as one month's worth, or a year's worth, of mortgage payments. Unfortunately, Apollonia Pontika drachms are also the most dangerous Medusa coins. But if you take into consideration the message of danger intended by the Medusa imagery, their danger can add to rather than subtract from their appeal.